Shui | Biography
イメージ画像 I participated in「the 26th Kyoto branch of Shinnichibi Exhibition」.
I displayed my 10 Sculptures and metal-carvings.
Place:The Museum of Kyoto
- The Shin Nippon Artists Association -
[ Kyoto, Japan ]
イメージ画像 I will participate in The Art ◯ Biku-kan Saga Presents Exhibition
「 Kabuki Mono 」with my new insects series.
[ Kobe, Japan ]
イメージ画像 Seizo Inoue Kimono Artworks Exhibition – Saisei -
I collaborate with Seizo Inoue and Take part in his Exhibition.
I made men's haori coat based on Seizo Inoue's sketch.
“Seizo Inoue” - Yuzen artist
He dose a wide range of work like
Reiko Takashima's wedding outfit,
Kayoko Shiraishi ,Yoko Nagayama's stage costumes,
and opera / modern dance's stage costume・art work・make up ,
Place: Chion-Sha
[ Kyoto, Japan ]

イメージ画像 My 10 sculpture, metal-carving works was shown in
「the 25th Shinnichibi Kyoto Branch Exhibition 」.
Place : Nishinomiya shiritsu shimin Gallery
-The Shin Nippon Artists Association-
[ Nishinomiya, Japan ]
イメージ画像 Publicly sponsored exhibitions the 41th Shinnichibi Exhibition
The Shin Nippon Artists Association the dragon god's statue of
winning a special commendation prize in
the 41th Shinnichibi Exhibition.
Displayed at the 41th Shinnichibi Exhibition in Tokyo Metropolitan
Art Museum.
[ Tokyo, Japan ]
イメージ画像 “Ichiro Tsuruta×Anrakuji vol.2”
Bijin Ga - Painting of beauties, Rinpa,Buddhist painting
The Trinity Exhibition
I collaborated with Ichiro Tsuruta who is very famous painter for
a painting of beauties.
I participated in the exhibition of Ichiro Tsuruta,With my new work of the sculpture "Gohoujin:Dharmapala" for the collaboration with
the Buddhist painting.
Anrakuji - Springtime special viewing
Place: Anrakuji
Ichiro Tsuruta office Co., Ltd.
[ Kyoto, Japan ]

イメージ画像 Exhibition “Yoshio Okada × Masao Urakami 「 EE My Shirt 」
I collaborated with the modern ukiyoe artist 'Yoshio Okada'and
'Masao Urakami'(Urakami Original Shirt Atelier's Crafts man.
He has won many great prizes.)
I produced various kinds of The pin batch to put on the collar,
That was made in the motif of insects like a fly,a lady bird,
and a bee.
[ Kobe, Japan ]
イメージ画像 The dragon object「Shoujou-purity」was displayed as vase at
「The 49th Japan Ikebana Art exhibition」in Takashimaya.
Arrangement by Mishou school Issoukai of Teiho Kitaguchi.
[ Osaka, Japan ]
イメージ画像 The dragon Object「Shoujou-purity」was specially recommended
by the Competition「47th Oubiinternational public offering Belgium and the Netherlands Art Award Exhibition」.
At the Same time ,The dragon Object「Shoujou-purity」,
The statue of a phoenix「Yuwa-harmony」,
vase of「Li- law of nature」(Blue,White,Black),
were exhibited there.
[ Tongeren, Belgium ]
イメージ画像 The statue of a phoenix「Yuwa-harmony」was selected and
exhibited The recommendation Exhibition
「28th Paris International Salon」.
[ Paris, France ]
イメージ画像 The dragon object「Shoujou-purity」was accepted for the
Competition「15th Japan - France Contemporary Art World
Exhibition」- Salon Dotonu special sponsor - .
[ Tokyo, Japan ]
イメージ画像 The statue is being displayed by Kyoto Heian-jingu Shrine’s area ,
Heian-jingu assembly hall.
[ Kyoto, Japan ]
イメージ画像 I donated statue of a phoenix「Yuwa-harmony」in Maison de la
culture du Japon à Paris.The statue is on display at the second
floor reception.
[ Paris, France ]
イメージ画像 My work which theme of a family crest was published in
Seiryu Shuppan「Seiryu」.
イメージ画像 I produced a kimono sash clip「White dragon」for an artist
「JACK OR JIVE」vocalist Chako. I expressed that materialization
of the white dragon’s spiritual atmosphere in this design.
Besides,「White dragon」was used on the CD jacket
「TENSHOU」,also used as the symbol mark of them.
イメージ画像 My work which theme of a family crest was published in
Nippon Kado-sha「Kado」.
イメージ画像 I produced a hair ornament for a composer,
music producer Hiroki Okano.「Eagle」was designed in the motif
of Hiroki Okano’s image.This hair Ornament used in the case of
a dedication performance and a big stage.
イメージ画像 My work which theme of a family crest was published in
Shinjinbutsuoraisha「Rekishi Dokuhon」.
イメージ画像 My work which theme of a family crest was published in
イメージ画像 I exhibited my work at「Modern & Classical KYOTO」exhibition in
Mitsukoshi Ebisu department store.
[ Tokyo, Japan ]
イメージ画像 I appeared on TV Asahi program「Miyako no Kaori」.
イメージ画像 My work which theme of a family crest was introduced on
NHK TV local 32ch「News 610 Kyoto Ichinichi」.
イメージ画像 My work was introduced on both the NHK TV program and
magazine「Shumi no Engei beginners」.
イメージ画像 This Collaborated pendant「YU-WA」was produced and sold for
Gothic music artist「JACK OR JIVE」live Concert in Hong Kong.
[ Hong Kong ]
イメージ画像 A kimono sash clip Phoenix was used in costume on the stage,
「Shiraishi Kayoko no Genji Monogatari」.
In addition, My work was introduced and published in
stage brochure.
イメージ画像 I appeared on NHK BS TV program「cool japan hakkutsu ! kakkoii nippon - the theme of a family crest -」
イメージ画像 I exhibited my work at「An select exhibition in yuzuki kyomise」.
[ Kamishichiken, Kyoto, Japan ]
イメージ画像 My work which theme of a family crest was published in
「Yomiuri Kyoto life」.