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イメージ画像 I will participate in The Selected Pieces of Shinnichibi Exhibition.
It will be displayed my 2 metal-carvings!
Please come and see them.

Date:May 27 to June 2 ,2018
Hours:AM 11:00 ~ PM 18:00
First day open at AM 12 : 00
Last day close to PM 16 : 00
Place:Tokyo koutsu kaikan basement 1st floor garou silver A
Tokyo to chiyoda ku yuuraku-chou 2-10-1
TEL 03-3215-3826

- The Shin Nippon Artists Association -
[ Tokyo, Japan ]
イメージ画像 I will participate in「the 26th Kyoto branch of Shinnichibi
Exhibition」. It will be displayed my 10 sculptures and
Please come and see them.

Date:March 21 to 25 ,2018
Hours:AM 10:00 ~ PM 6:00
last day 〜 PM 3 : 00
Place:The Museum of Kyoto (5th floor)
Kyoto shi Nakagyo-ku sanjo takakura agaru
TEL 075–222-0888

- The Shin Nippon Artists Association -
[ Kyoto, Japan ]
イメージ画像 I will participate in The Art ◯ Biku-kan Saga Presents Exhibition
「 Kabuki Mono 」with my new insects series!

Date:January 19(fri)28(sun), 2018

Hours: 11am to 18pm
Opening days: for the duration of the exhibition

Kabuki means from「 Kabuku 」or 「 Kabuki- Mono 」
which is the name given to people who gave rise to a particular
social trend between the end of the Sengoku period (Period of
Warring States) and the early Edo period.
This exhibition express by based on Japanese materials,traditions,
cultures and development those elements.
14 different types of the incredible artists express each.

The only one artist can get a chance to have a personal exhibition
in Saga by guest's popular vote.

☆Opening New Year's party
January 20th, 2018
Admission Charge:Free
At The Art ◯ Biku-kan Saga


〒650 - 0011 
Kōbeshi Chūōku Shimoyamatedouri
2 - 13 - 18 Kannonji buillding 1st floor
TEL 078 - 321 - 3312

[ Kobe, Japan ]
イメージ画像 Seizo Inoue Kimono Artworks Exhibition – Saisei -

I collaborate with Seizo Inoue and Take part in his Exhibition.
I made men's haori coat based on Seizo Inoue's sketch!!

“Seizo Inoue” - Yuzen artist
He dose a wide range of work like
Reiko Takashima's wedding outfit,
Kayoko Shiraishi ,Yoko Nagayama's stage costumes,
and opera / modern dance's stage costume・art work・make up ,

[ Date ]
December 1 (fri)~ 3 (sun)2017

1(fri)1pm to 6pm

2(sat)10:30am to 6pm
Special Dance performance from 2pm :「Murasakisaisei」
Dancer / Izumi Yamada, Singer / Chie Kitamura,
Music / jack or jive, Sho / Seizo Inoue, Poem / Teiko Kitaguchi,
Costume / Kiyomi Kotera

3(sun)10:30am to 5pm
Special Concert from 2pm
Cello / Yasuko Kamatani, Ryu-Teki / Nao Saito, Syo / Seizo Inoue

[ Supported ]
Jewelry / Junji Morimoto(Shui),Costume / Kiyomi Kotera,
Object / Noboru Tamura, Etching / Masahiko Kubo,
Graphic design / Kimiko Numata

[ Special Exhibition ]
Kayoko Shiraishi「Hyakumonogatari」Encore Public performance
「Todaiki」Kimono costume

[ Place ]
Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Koromodana-Dori Sanjo-agaru
TEL 075 - 221 - 7510

[ Kyoto, Japan ]
イメージ画像 Following the 41th Shinnichibi Exhibition,
My 10 sculpture, metal-carving works was shown in
「the 25th Shinnichibi Kyoto Branch Exhibition」!

Date:November 7~12, 2017
Hours:11 am to 5 pm
last day~ 4pm
Place : Nishinomiya shiritsu shimin Gallery
〒662-0944Nishinomiya city Kawazoe Machi 15-26
TEL 0798-33-1666

- The Shin Nippon Artists Association -
[ Nishinomiya, Japan ]
イメージ画像 I got a special commendation prize in
the 41th Shinnichibi Exhibition for
the dragon god's statue of "Gohoujin:Dharmapala"!!

Date:September 27 -October 5 ,2017
Hours:10 am to 4 pm
Place:Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 1st floor
The Host Organization :The Shin Nippon Artists Association
Supported:Agency for Cultural Affairs・Tokyo Prefecture
Admission Charge:¥500・(¥300 for univercity student ・
under high-school student are free)
[ Tokyo, Japan ]
イメージ画像 “Ichiro Tsuruta × Anrakuji vol.2”
Bijin Ga - Painting of beauties, Rinpa,Buddhist painting
The Trinity Exhibition

I will collaborate with Ichiro Tsuruta who is very famous painter for a painting of beauties.
I will participate in the exhibition of Ichiro Tsuruta,
With my new work of the sculpture for the collaboration with the
Buddhist painting.
Please Come to see that beautyful Exhibition!

Anrakuji -Springtime special viewing 2017-
From Tuesday, April 4, 2017 to 9th Sunday(from 10:00 to 16:30)
Place: Anrakuji (admission fee 500 yen)
〒 606-8422
21, Shishigatanigosyonodancho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

[ Kyoto, Japan ]

Ichiro Tsuruta office Co., Ltd.

イメージ画像 Exhibition “Yoshio Okada × Masao Urakami「 EE My Shirt 」

I collaborated with the modern ukiyoe artist 'Yoshio Okada'and
'Masao Urakami'(Urakami Original Shirt Atelier's Crafts man.
He has won many great prizes.)
I produced various kinds of The pin batch to put on the collar,
That was made in the motif of insects like a fly,a lady bird,
and a bee.

In addition,The Photograph collection book for this exhibition will
be published in 2017.
It is available to buy in the book store,internet as well.
[ Kobe, Japan ]
イメージ画像 The dragon object「Shoujou-purity」was displayed as vase at
「The 49th Japan Ikebana Art exhibition」in Takashimaya.
Arrangement by Mishou school Issoukai of Teiho Kitaguchi.
May 13.14
[ Osaka, Japan ]
イメージ画像 The homepage was renewed.